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Acoustic Foam Tiles And Bass Traps

Here at Pro Acoustic we manufacture and distribute a large variety of acoustic foam products for both the amateur and professional music enthusiasts. Our products are designed to acoustically enhance your listening environment. Acoustic treatment will greatly assist in reducing reverberation, reflections, flutter echoes – in recording studios, home theatres, music rooms, rehearsal rooms, cinemas etc.

Our range of products are designed to enhance your rooms sound response. Using acoustic treatment will enable you to control the sound within your room by cutting down unwanted frequencies, allowing your room to exhibit a better frequency response and so giving better acoustics whether it is for recording, mixing or listening. The right use of acoustic treatment is essential.

We have supplied our acoustic treatment products to thousands of individuals and hundreds of recording studios, as well as having our products featured and used on MTV.


Acoustic treatment supplied direct from the manufacturer!

In our shop you can see the various tiles and bass traps, and their relevant NRC (Noise reduction coefficients ). NRC can help you choose the right product for your rooms acoustics. All our products are made and dispatched from our own ISO9001 accredited factory, based in the UK. This means we are delivering you high quality tiles and bass traps without the high price tag.

High quality foam to correct British standards. In compliance with UL94 HF1 classification. Which also complies with the requirements of schedule 1. Part 1. The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety). Amended Regulations 1989.

Acoustic Tiles

Tiles on a ceilingAcoustic tiles will absorb the high and mid frequency response within a room allowing you to reduce reverberation and echoes. The simple rule is the thicker the foam tile the better it will work with mid to lower frequency response. The way in which they work is due to acoustic foams open cell structure, in addition the density porosity and hardness also are major determining factors in the foams performance.

So not all foams will work. Make sure the tiles or bass traps you buy always have NRC data results. This will ensure not only that the foam grade has been formulated specifically to deal with acoustic issues. It will also show the foams performance at specific frequencies.


Bass Traps

By installing bass traps in a room you will immediately reduce the low frequency build up. When using bass traps you can control your sound much easier by tightening up the sound which gives you more control over what you hear.

Lower frequencies are much harder to deal with than high and mid frequencies as they have long wavelengths. This makes them more powerful. In order to deal with this much more acoustic foam is needed and the thicker the foam the better it deals with low frequency issues. However placement also plays a large part particularly in the corners of a room which are most prone to low end frequency build up.

The most common placement for bass traps is the corners of a room. This is because low end frequencies tend to congregate in the corners.


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