Acoustic Foam Tiles.

Acoustic Tiles. Supplied Direct From The Manufacturer.

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Acoustic Bass Traps.

Professional Acoustic Corner Bass Traps. Supplied Direct From The Manufacturer.

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Acoustic Room Kits.

Room Kits. Acoustic Tiles bundled with Corner Bass Traps. to give you a complete room treatment solution.

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Pro Acoustic Foam - Professional Acoustic Treatment for Pro and Home Studios.

High quality acoustic treatment at affordable prices. tel : 0845 600 9041 Now offering "Free Shipping" to Most UK Postcodes.

Acoustic Foam - Studio Sound Treatment Tiles and Bass Traps

Selected Pro Acoustic products are now for sale on Amazon UK. Please note items purchased from amazon may have added postage costs on top of the prices shown in the amazon product links below. However we do realize that existing amazon customers may prefer to use the amazon shopping cart to buy goods. So listed below are links to some of the products. In addition on the product pages on this site we have also included an amazon link to the same product.

We do try and keep the prices in line however on very price sensitive products you may find them cheaper on this website


Pro acoustic manufacture. And distribute a large variety of acoustic foam products. For both the amateur and professional music enthusiasts. Our products are designed to acoustically enhance your listening environment.

The pro acoustic range of acoustic foam products. Designed to enhance your rooms sound response. By using acoustic treatment, you will be able to control the sound within your room. By cutting down on unwanted frequencies. Allowing your room to exhibit a better frequency response. And so giving better acoustics. Whether it is for recording. mixing or listening. the right use of acoustic treatment is essential. We have supplied our acoustic treatment products to thousands of individuals, and hundreds of recording studios. As well as having our products featured and used on MTV.

Our acoustic foam room treatment will greatly assist in reducing reverberation. Reflections, And flutter echoes, in recording studios, home theaters. music rooms. rehearsal rooms. cinemas. etc.


High quality acoustic foam, to exacting British standards. In compliance with UL94 HF1 classification. Which also complies with the requirements of schedule 1. Part 1. The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety). Amended Regulations 1989.

Acoustic foam supplied direct from the manufacturer!

In our shop you can see the various acoustic foam tiles and bass traps, and their relevant NRC (Noise reduction coefficients ). Which will enable you to choose the right product for your rooms acoustics. We do try and keep the price as low as possible. And all our acoustic foam products are made and dispatched from our own ISO9001 accredited factory, based in the UK. Cutting out the middlemen and resellers. And delivering you a high quality acoustic foam tiles and bass traps without the high price tag.

Pro acoustic foam sound absorption statistics

More info on the pro acoustic foam range can be found on this website Where you can find more in depth articles on acoustic treatment. And how it works, you can also see how the pro acoustic range stacks up against the most well known brands, like Auralex. by visiting this page where Soundspec did a comparison of tiles and included our wedge and pyramid tiles.

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Block100 Acoustic Profile Tile.

acoustic foam BLOCK100

AFW100 Acoustic Foam Wedge Tile.

acoustic foam tile AFW100

AFBTX Acoustic Foam Bass Trap.

acoustic foam bass trap AFBTX