Acoustic Foam Treatment

The most cost effective way of acoustically treating your room is to use acoustic foam. It is an easy to use and effective way of treating a room, taking control of the rooms frequency response whilst recording, giving a cleaner and more defined result to recording and monitoring. Record what you want to hear rather than making the best from what you have.

One crucial component needed for a good recording studio is the acoustic treatment of the room. Acoustic foam being the most common medium used for this purpose.

Tackling common problems with the use of acoustic treatment

Every room will have its own sound characteristics. Common acoustic problems encountered by sound moving around a room are, reverberation, reflections, flutter echo, slap echo, standing waves, modal and frequency response problems. Sound waves will encounter the effects of various objects and surfaces along with coming into contact with other sound waves which may also be traveling around the room. Because of all these conditions the initial sound can change dramatically and so being detrimental to the recording.

In addition to the quality of the recording. Acoustic treatment will also make the working environment more efficient. If the room is not adequately treated reverberation can have a negative effect on not only the recording but also practice sessions. Mixing will be difficult to master.

You can create the room response you want. By the use of the acoustic treatment. You will be able to record and monitor with more accuracy, adapting the room to the sound you want and adjusting the liveness or keeping the sound dead depending on your needs.

Working in an acoustically treated environment is much more fulfilling. Being at ease and comfortable within your recording studio as in all workplaces will in turn encourage you to work better. Hopefully enhancing your creativity and productivity along the way.

All the Pro Acoustic range of acoustic treatment products are independently tested.

To see the detailed results click on the text below.

AFW45 / AFW305 45mm Wedge Tile. - Average NRC 0.55 (55%) Class D
75mm Wedge Tile. - Average NRC 0.75 (75%) Class C
AFW100 100mm Wedge Tile. - Average NRC 0.95 (95%) Class A
AFP45 / AFP305 45mm Pyramid Tile. - Average NRC 0.50 (50%) Class D
AFP100 100mm Pyramid Tile. - Average NRC 0.85 (85%) Class C
BLOCK45 45mm Block Tile. - Average NRC 0.70 (70%) Class D
BLOCK75 75mm Block Tile. - Average NRC 0.95 (95%) Class A
BLOCK100 100mm Block Tile. - Average NRC 1.15 (115%) Class A
AFBT02 Bass Trap. - Average NRC 150 (150%) Class A
AFBTX / AFBT03 Bass Trap. - Average NRC 145 (145%) Class A
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