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spin1038 tv The Live Room

Spin1038tv The Live Room Playlist , and in the background BLOCK45 Pro Acoustic foam Tiles https://www.youtube.com/spin1038tv http://www.spin1038.com/ Spin 1038 today launched THE LIVE ROOM, a custom built studio giving you intimate access to the world’s biggest artists and the most exciting breakthrough talent. THE LIVE ROOM will host exclusive performances broadcast live on Spin 1038. …

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Blast The Beat TV

Featured Youtube Channel : Blast The Beat TV Blast The Beat Tv is an urban broadcasting channel providing audiences with different genres and ranges of talent from all over the U.K. Blast the booth, a custom built studio recording booth giving you access to the UK’s grime and urban music artists and the most exciting …

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Sound On Sound

Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatment This is an article written by Paul White chief editor of Sound on Sound the full article can be seen here sound on sound Visit their forums where you will undoubtedly find help with any acoustic problem you may have. Frequently Asked Questions. Paul White, answers some of the most common …

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Sound Absorbing Materials

Introduction to Sound Absorbing Materials Sound-absorbing materials absorb most sound energy, striking them and reflecting very little, making them very useful for the control of noise. The major uses of absorbing materials are almost invariably found to include the reduction of reverberant sound pressure levels and, consequently, the reduction of the reverberation time in enclosures …

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