Bass Trapping

Acoustic tiles are primarily designed to target high to mid frequencies. And sound waves which are traveling at slower speeds and with less power the thicker the tile the better they deal with longer sound waves lower frequencies. The end result is you will need more than just tiles to combat lower frequencies.

Lower frequencies have long wavelengths. This in turn makes them more powerful. To deal with this much more acoustic foam is needed particularly in the corners of a room which are most prone to low end frequency build up. If you are going to treat your room with acoustic foam the use of corner acoustic foam bass traps are essential whether your room is to be used for practicing mixing or recording. The volume levels within a room can be up to 6dB louder in corners than in the rest of the room. Making bass traps essential in some rooms.


By installing corner acoustic foam bass traps in a room you will reduce low frequency build up and make controlling your sound much easier tightening up the sound and giving you the control over what you hear, the end results being that you can make a room which sounded terrible into a room which sounds unbelievably better.

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