By installing  bass traps in a room you will immediately reduce the low frequency build up which can occur and will then make controlling your sound much easier, by tightening up the sound and giving you more control over what you hear.

The end result of this being that you can make a room which originally sounded terrible into a room which sounds unbelievably better.

Bass Traps

Lower frequencies are much harder to deal with than high and mid frequencies as they have long wavelengths. This  makes them more powerful.

In order to deal with this much more acoustic foam is needed the thicker the foam the better it deals with low frequency issues however placement also plays a large part particularly in the corners of a room which are most prone to low end frequency build up.

Bass Traps afbt200-01

When treating your room with acoustic foam products the use of corner acoustic foam bass traps are essential. No matter what your room is to be used as whether its used for practicing mixing or recording bass traps are a great add on to have. Pictured above is our AFBT200 compact corner bass trap. If you look at our bass trap products you will also see a much larger version of this bass trap called the AFBT02.

The most common placement for bass traps is the corners of a room. This is because low end frequencies tend to congregate in the corners.

Sound can be 6-12dB louder in a corner than in any part of a room and this is why we advise on the installation of Pro Acoustic bass traps in the corners. Standard bass traps are 200 to 300mm wide but to step it up and tackle the lower frequencies the rule is. The more foam volume the bass traps have the lower they can absorb to. our AFBT02 and AFBTX are 425mm (16.75″) wide and have a large foam volume.