Measurements Calculator

Calculate How Many Acoustic Tiles You Will Need

Below we have provided a simple calculator to help you decide which products to buy to fit your walls. You probably have thought about how big our acoustic foam tiles are, and how many you will need to cover the space you have. This is something most customers consider.

Covering a whole wall isn’t always the best way top treat a room. You may also want to take placement into consideration. Below are a few links that will help which are more aimed towards beginners and home studios:

If you do need more assistance contact our shop by telephone: 0161 665 2700 or email:

Calculator Tables

To the left is a diagram and equation to help work out the area in metres squared of your walls, that being all four walls and a ceiling. Your room is most likely not this simple but the general equation still applies.

To find out how many tiles you will need to cover a wall, divide the total area of the space by the amount given for (Coverage in Metres) for the tile you want via the tables above. This should leave you with how many tiles you need to cover that space.

Again please look into how to install acoustic treatment before purchasing our acoustic foam. The links at the top of the page and looking into it more will benefit you when treating a room. Or ring our shop at 0161 665 2700 and ask for help.