Pro Acoustic – The Professionals Choice

See and hear the difference that pro acoustic tiles can make.

As soon as you try these pro acoustic tiles you will realize why they are in a league all of their own. when compared to other acoustic tiles sold in the same price bracket.

AFW45 Acoustic Tiles

Unlike many acoustic tiles sold on the pro acoustic range is tried and tested. the range is now in its 10th year and we have supplied thousands of these tiles. into both professional and home recording studios. Having supplied our acoustic foam products into many well known professional studios. film sets and MTV to mention just a few.

These tiles effectively absorb any high frequency sound waves incident applied on them by presenting several deflection surfaces. resulting in a livelier sound. Further more the increased depth of the valleys will help to trap air within them forming resonant chambers. broadening the spectrum of absorption in the medium frequency range. Medium to high frequency sound waves won’t stand a chance!

pro acoustic

Acoustic Foam Will Help You With The following.

  • Reflection Both primary & secondary
  • Improve vocal clarity
  • Reverberation
  • Modal issues
  • Standing waves Mid to High


Acoustic tiles and bass traps from the pro-acoustic range.

UL94 HF1 Fire rating.

One thing you should always look out for is the foams fire retardency. All our foam tiles are made from foam that is certified tested to UL94 HF1. this is a high fire rating the minimum recommended for sound deadening foams. UL 94 HF1 is the most stringent of the UL94 tests.

All our acoustic foam products are rated UL94 HF1 or higher.
In addition our foam will also pass the even higher furniture and furnishings fire safety regulations, Schedule 1 Part 1 of Fire Regs and to BS 5852:Part 2:1982.