Acoustic tiles from the Pro acoustic foam range , sold factory direct to see more details on the acoustic tiles please click on the images above.

AFW45 Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic Tiles

Pyramid Acoustic Tile

Used to enhance your listening and recording environment are an essential piece of acoustic treatment for your studio, and will help you to get the sound you want by giving you more control of your room.

acoustic tiles properties

Acoustic tiles will absorb the high and mid frequency response within a room allowing you to reduce reverberation and echoes, the simple rule is the thicker the foam tile the better it will work with mid to lower frequency response. the way in which they work is due to acoustic foams open cell structure, in addition the density porosity and hardness also are major determining factors in the foams performance.

So not all foams will work make sure the tiles or bass traps you buy always have NRC data results, this will ensure not only that the foam grade has been formulated specifically to deal with acoustic issues. It will also show the foams performance at specific frequencies.

The Pro Acoustic foam range used only a specialist acoustic foam grade which compares well against the most known brands such as Auralex the website Soundspec did an independent comparison which shows this. Our latest block tile range performs even better.

For Example The Auralex 4″ Studioform Pyramid Average NRC 0.95 (95%)  versus  Pro Acoustic BLOCK100 4″ profile Average NRC 1.04 (104%) BLOCK100 showing 9.5% better sound absorption

Our other 2 tiles do not quite match with Auralex who only do a 2″ pyramid we have shown this against our 45mm (1.75″) and 75 (3″) BLOCK tiles.

The Auralex 2″ Studioform Pyramid Average NRC 0.7 (70%)  versus  Pro Acoustic BLOCK45 1.75″ profile Average NRC 0.70 (70%).

The Auralex 2″ Studioform Pyramid Average NRC 0.7 (70%)  versus  Pro Acoustic BLOCK75 3″ profile Average NRC 0.95 (95%).