Acoustic Foam Seconds sold as a Job Lot

Acoustic Foam Seconds AFW305 Tiles Job Lot 15 Boxes Slight Seconds

Here is a great chance to kit out your studio on a tight budget. Acoustic Foam Seconds. One of our CNC Machines had a blip over the weekend and we are selling off 15 boxes of acoustic tiles as slight seconds they are around 40mm thick not 45mm like our standard AFW305 tiles.


360 tiles covering just over 33 m2 or 360 ft2

As they are slightly thinner than our usual tile and are around 40mm but we do not want them getting mixed up in our warehouse, so we are selling them off at far less than cost to get rid. and only as a job lot as if we start moving them there is the chance they could be mixed up with our other tiles, as it is a one off  we are selling these on ebay see below, Its a great chance to treat your room at a unbelievable price, we sell cheap anyway this is far less than the cost of the foam so you really will be getting a bargain.

If you are local to Oldham or Manchester you can pick them up from our Factory shop in Oldham and we will take the Ebay listing down.

We will accept the £150 for all of them in the Shop as we will not have to post them , make sure your vehicle can fit all 15 boxes, box size 350 x 350 x 950mm  ” a car has no chance ” Tel Michelle on 0845 600 9041 shop is open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm. Phone first as they may have gone.

item no 321844258879 on ebay

Its not often we have seconds as the machines are very accurate, howver a blade broke when cutting and was mis aligned when put back on so offers like this don’t appear often.

Thanks Pro-Acoustic Foam

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