Auralex Studiofoam Pyramid V Pro Acoustic BLOCK100

Auralex Studiofoam Pyramid

There’s no doubt that Auralex make very good acoustic room treatment products. and they are the world leader in this area but how much of the cost is on their good brand name and how much is in the product. you would be astonished.

We ourselves were surprised when we got such good results with our block tile range launched mid 2014. especially when our best tile the BLOCK100 beat one of Auralex’s top tiles the 4″ Auralex Studiofoam pyramid.


BLOCK100 Acoustic Tileauralex-studiofoam

4″ Auralex Studiofoam Pyramid Grey Average NRC ( Noise Reduction Coefficient )   0.95  (95%).

PRO Acoustic BLOCK100  Average NRC ( Noise Reduction Coefficient )   1.04  (104%).

The pro acoustic BLOCK100 showing itself to have a massive 10% better Noise Reduction Coefficient than the Auralex Studiofoam Pyramid.

And considering the price ( at the time this was written 03/10/2014 ) their UK distributor Dolphin Music is charging £337.01 for 48ft2. Compared with Our price of £177.55 for the equivalent quantity of BLOCK100 Tiles. Almost half the price!

We have published this article to show our products are a good quality. As we are not as well known as many of the older established brands the way we have a foot in the market is by selling at keen prices and dispatching direct from our factory.

One customer who purchased our tiles online left a review which we thought summed up our goods well. “Acoustic tiles can be damned expensive; cheap acoustic tiles can be damned useless – these tiles buck both trends“.

For some reason Auralex only give the overall NRC value on their website and do not show the different frequency breakdown. This aside the trend should be much the same from acoustic foam to acoustic foam. Which will be that the lower frequencies are not tamed as much as the high and mids.

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