Hyped Up Acoustics Sonarflex Review

Hyped Up Acoustics Sonarflex V Pro Acoustic BLOCK45

Lets Compare and Review 2 very similar tiles in the same price bracket Hyped Up Acoustics Pro-coustix Sonarflex and Pro Acoustics BLOCK45 both are 12″ (305mm) square and both a similar thickness

Now to list the differences.


Hyped up acoustics Procoustix Sonarflex is made from a 30 Kilo m3 acoustic polyether foam, and is cot on an eggbox convoluter with a dimple profile top surface.

Pro Acoustics BLOCK45 is made from a 25 Kilo M3 acoustic polyether foam, and is Computer guided CNC cut with a block profile design top surface


Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC Test Data
Frequency (Hz) Hyped Up Acoustics Sonarflex Tile 30KGm3 Pro-Acoustic’s BLOCK45 Tile 25KGm3 BLOCK45 is better by
125 0.09 (9%)
0.10 (10%)
11.1 %
250 0.28 (28%)
0.29 (29%)
3.6 %
500 0.48 (48%)
0.54 (54%)
12.5 %
1000 0.65 (65%)
0.84 (84%)
29.2 %
2000 0.66 (66%)
1.05 (105%)
59.1 %
4000 0.79 (79%)
1.12 (112%)
41.8 %
The comparison above shows how against a standard convoluted “eggbox” tile even using a 30kg m3 acoustic foam the BLOCK45 tile wins hands down on every audible frequency and shows it to have a staggering 33.6% better noise absorption coefficient overall. So don’t believe the Hype that a denser foam makes a better acoustic foam, The NRC test data is what you need to compare.

The results above were taken from the test data provided on these documents http://www.hypedupacoustics.co.uk/images/stories/sonarflex%20test%20data.png and the reviews are based solely on the tiles acoustic performances

The CNC computerised profile machines used to manufacture our tiles long since replaced the old eggbox roller foam convoluters, and you will now find that all the professional tiles as made by the high end acoustic foam specialists are now CNC cut on computerised foam cutting machines as it gives a much neater finish and far better asthetics to your studio. each tile will match up with one another unlike cheaper eggbox tiles where the edges never match up. and dont be fooled on density a higher density doesent make a tile better. look at the table below where our AFW305 tile which beats a std 30 kilo acoustic foam eggbox tile on every audible frequency.

Get the Right Sound

Made from a high-grade 25Kg/M3 open cell specialist acoustic foam these Pro acoustic foam tiles are precisely profile cut like no other tiles in this price range.

Why are we so cheap? As the manufacturer we make our margins by selling large volumes and selling direct. we cut out the middlemen and resellers as its these on costs which hype up acoustic foam prices.

Having tested many specialist acoustic foams right up to a 42 KG/M3 density, we have found this particular 25KG/M3 grade to be the best for its wide range of sound absorption properties as it has the right combination of density porosity hardness controlled permeability and open cell structure, which allow the foam to give the optimum in acoustic performance.

It is also a dark grey studio friendly colour which deals with light degradation much better than most others.


Not all acoustic tiles are equal so see and hear the difference that pro-acoustic tiles can make.

As soon as you try these pro acoustic tiles you will realise why they are in a league all of their own when compared to other acoustic tiles sold in the same price bracket.

Unlike many acoustic tiles sold on the pro acoustic range is tried and tested, the range is now in its 9th year and we have supplied thousands of these tiles into both professional and home recording studios. Having supplied our acoustic foam products into many well known professional studios, film sets and MTV to mention just a few.

These tiles effectively absorp any high frequency sound waves incident applied on them by presenting several deflection surfaces resulting in a livelier sound. Further more the increased depth of the valleys will help to trap air within them forming resonant chambers and broadening the spectrum of absorption in the medium frequency range. Medium to high frequency sound waves won’t stand a chance!


Try for yourself and hear the difference that our pro-acoustic tiles deliver look on the Reviews page to see how our customers rate us !

Acoustic Foam
Will Help You With The following

  • Reflection Both primary & secondary
  • Improve vocal clarity
  • Flutter echoes
  • Reverberation
  • Modal issues
  • Standing waves Mid to High
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