Pro Acoustic Microphone Screen

Pro Acoustic Microphone Screen “A Portable Vocal Booth”

Microphone screen from The pro acoustic range CNC cut acoustic foam screen with fixing bracket and mic stand attachments, This ultra portable Microphone reflection filter is designed to help you attain clearer and much more defined vocals.

  • Acoustic Vocal Booth Screen from Pro Acoustic
  • Pro Acoustic Foam Meets Crib 5 Fire Retardency – Ideal for recording studios – mixing rooms – vocal booths
  • Lightweight – Easy To Assemble
  • *Microphone, stand and pop shield not included*

Pack Contains Acoustic Foam Screen , Fixing Bracket, 5/8″ to 3/8″ Mic Thread Adapter and 3/8″ to 5/8″ Mic Thread Adapter “not the microphone, Stand and Pop Shield ”


This microphone Screen is light easy to assemble and portable. The microphone surround is made from CNC cut polyurethane acoustic foam which is designed to give outstanding absorption efficiency.

The screen will not only absorbing the singer’s energy on the inside to give a less ambient sound, it will at the same time, partially absorb scattered room reflections on the outside. the acoustic foam’s structure is made to the optimum density and thickness, using a series of cavities both to reinforce the absorption effect and add structural support to the joint mechanism. The screen is suitable for use with a range of microphones and can be adjusted either vertically or horizontally. The unit can be assembled in less than 20 seconds making it ideal for location-based recording venues, project studios and classrooms.

microphone screenpro acoustic foam microphone screen

This Microphone screen reflection filter, from Pro Acoustics, is a compact and portable acoustic absorber, designed primarily to reduce the amount of room ambiance picked up by a microphone during recording. It may also assist a little in isolating the mic from other sound in the room, such as the noise from computer fans or spill from other performers. The Microphone screen can be fitted behind almost any microphone by means of the included fixing bracket which has both an 5/8″ to 3/8″ and a 3/8 to 5/8″ microphone thread adapters, allowing support for your mic or shockmount. Meaning that you require only a single mic stand to hold both your microphone screen and your microphone, but unlike many other microphone reflexion filters where the assembly can end up being quite heavy with a cumbersome metal housing which very often makes the stand microphone and screen unstable and prone to falling over, the pro acoustic microphone screen works independently without the need for an awkward outer frame to curve the absorbing foam interior. Instead the unique design of the pro acoustic microphone screen has the foam reflection filter CNC cut from a thick solid piece of acoustic foam giving the screen an inherent curved shape.

The Screen absorbs acoustic energy with impressive effectiveness; you only have to stick your face up close to it and speak to hear that. On its own, it makes a valuable contribution to improving your recordings by reducing the amount of reflected sound getting into the microphone, and it can be used in different ways when recording instruments to improve separation and to reduce room tone. When used in combination with some absorption behind the performer you may be surprised how good the results can be, as each tackles a different type of sound-leakage, so by combining them, you really can make great recordings in a typical bedroom studio. Whilst the microphone screen scores in minimizing the level of off-axis sound reaching the microphone, acoustic treatment placed behind can be most effective at preventing reflections reaching the front of the microphone.


The optimum mic position relative to the screen is to get the microphone lined up with the centre of the filter and having mic sitting just within the curve of the screen, leaving space between it and the screen inner wall. If you place the mic further into the screen, the sound will dry up more, but may change slightly in tonality.

Those recording in less-than-ideal recording environments have been looking for a ‘magic bullet’ quick fix for recording vocals since the term ‘home recording’ came into being, and the pro acoustic microphone screen now represents a serious step in that direction. It can’t keep all reflected sound out of the mic, as some will end up bouncing into the mic’s frontal axis from the wall behind the singer, but it certainly reduces this by minimizing the amount of voice making it out into the room and by attenuating off-axis sounds. This could be particularly useful in a typical studio vocal booth where there is often a glass door directly behind the microphone. If rear-wall reflections are still a problem for you, some acoustic foam treatment behind the singer should bring about the desired degree of improvement, and in combination with the screen should allow anyone to record clean vocals that are free from damaging room coloration. The relativity inexpensive price of the screen will represent outstanding value when you consider that it might well make more difference to the subjective quality of your recordings than blowing an extra grand or two on more sophisticated mics and preamps!

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