Studio Foam

Studio Foam Room Treatment

Whether your studio is in a purpose built room, a garage conversion, a spare room,  or in a corner of your room, acoustically treating your walls and surfaces with acoustic studio foam will significantly increase the quality of sound that you will hear. The more help you can give your ears filter out unwanted reflections generated from sound bouncing all over your studio the more accurate your final mix will be. It is for this reason that a decent set of monitors is also a must for anyone thinking of taking music production beyond the bedroom.

Acoustic Studio Foam From Pro Acoustic

At Pro acoustic we know you want to get on with producing good music and media without worrying about racking up costs getting good quality acoustic treatment. We are dedicated to sourcing and providing music production enthusiasts with the very best quality acoustic products at very competitive prices. What’s more we know that providing acoustic products that ensure you have the right treatment in order to control the reverberation and improve the quality of sound in your room is vital.

Acoustic foam is often referred to as studio foam or sound foam and quite commonly as soundproofing foam we would rather not use the latter term. As acoustic foam is not soundproofing. it is a sound absorber which means it will reduce specific frequencies but will not stop sound traveling from room to room. Soundproofing is a totally different issue to acoustic dampening using studio foam.

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