Acoustic Tiles

Our acoustic tiles will absorb the high and mid frequency response within a room allowing you to reduce reverberation and echoes. The simple rule is the thicker the foam tile the better it will work with mid to lower frequency response. The way in which they work is due to acoustic foams open cell structure, in addition the density porosity and hardness also are major determining factors in the foams performance.

So not all foams will work. Make sure the tiles or bass traps you buy always have NRC data results, this will ensure not only that the foam grade has been formulated specifically to deal with acoustic issues. It will also show the foams performance at specific frequencies.

We have a great range of tiles that are available in multiple sizes and come in different designs. This means there is a range of uses and looks for you to choose from. We do advise you calculate how much space you would like to cover and our calculator can help you decide which product is best to achieve your needs.

Browse our Acoustic Tile range below.

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