Pro Acoustic Foam Room Kits

Supplies factory direct from our Room Kits are a combination of acoustic tiles and bass traps , aimed more the home recording enthusiast, the tiles are our AFW305 wedge tiles combined with 4 915mm (3ft ) compact corner bass traps If you have a large area or larger room to treat we advise rather than using these room kits it would be more suitable to buy a combination of our tiles and our larger bass traps. these smaller kits have been developed to work well in smaller rooms and home studio applications.

Since we started selling the Room Kits they have become one of our best selling products and are widely used for home studio applications.

The CNC computerised profile machines used to manufacture our tiles long since replaced the old eggbox roller foam convoluters, and you will now find that all the professional tiles as made by the high end acoustic foam specialists are now CNC cut on computerised foam cutting machines as it gives a much neater finish and far better asthetics to your studio. each tile will match up with one another unlike cheap eggbox tiles where the edges never match up and dont be fooled on density a higher density doesn’t make a tile better. look at the table below where our AFW305 tile beats a std 30 kilo acoustic foam eggbox tile on every frequency.

Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC Test Data
Frequency (Hz) Competitors Convoluted “eggbox” Tile 30KGm3 AFW305 Wedge Tile 25KGm3 AFW305 is better by
125 0.09 0.10 11.1 %
250 0.28 0.29 3.6 %
500 0.48 0.50 4.2 %
1000 0.65 0.68 4.6 %
2000 0.66 0.74 12.1 %
4000 0.79 0.98 24.1 %
The comparison above shows how against a standard convoluted “eggbox” tile even using a 30kg m3 acoustic foam our AFW305 tile wins hands down on every audible frequency and shows it to have a staggering 9.9% better noise absorption coefficient overall. So don’t believe the Hype that a denser foam makes a better acoustic foam, The NRC test data is what you need to compare .

For Full Independent Test Report ( Click Here )

Supplied Factory Direct – From The UK’s Largest Pro Acoustic Foam Manufacturer