Soundproofing Foam

Soundproofing foam there is no such thing - Foam does not soundproof a room

Noisy neighbors, traffic noise and also very often drum kits causing you problems? So many customers contact us asking for our products that will reduce or stop noise entering their rooms and houses, and are very often disappointed when we explain to them that acoustic foam is definitely not soundproofing foam and will not stop sound entering or leaving a room.

If a brick wall will not stop low frequency sound or vibrations traveling from one room to another a piece of foam has no chance

Other sellers of acoustic foam products do sell their foam as soundproofing foam which is misleading and wrong as it will do little more than closing the curtains, I would seriously question if sellers who state their foam is soundproofing were even using a dedicated grade of foam made for acoustic applications. So I think its only fair to explain the differences between soundproofing and acoustic foam treatment products which will not sound proof rooms we stress again there is no such thing as soundproofing foam its a common mistake to get sound absorption and soundproofing mixed up.

Sound Proofing

Soundproofing is the process that stops or significantly reduces sound movement from going from one area to another. Whether this be the stopping of sound created within a room leaving that room, or the sound from the outside of a room entering into a room.

Sound Absorption

This is the control of acoustics within a room often referred to as "sound treatment" is the process of controlling the sound within a room so that the sound interference inside the room is reduced or eliminated, so that the sounds within the give a more pure sound responce. Acoustic foam helps with this by dealing with the sound that is in inside the room and nothing to do with the sound that has left the room. Acoustic foam sound treatment helps to control sound interference in so doing it helps with the rooms acoustics improving the finished recorded music for a producer or mixing engineer.